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GER137 – Jan


Due to change to a box trailer with sleeping facility I sell my in March acquired and absolutely as good as new Kalf trailer. With the exception of a small damage to one of the lamps (see picture), the trailer is absolutely top in shot and run only about 1,000 km.

Original price: 2,474.50 €

The trailer is a little wider than comparable models of Harbeck & Co. and therefore has what I find a very pleasant ride. There is a 100 km/h certificate of the GTÜ, which can be registered directly and without further effort.

IMPORTANT: I give a mast support to hook on the boat. Also as good as new.

Would not stand the change, I would definitely buy it again.

Manufacturer: Kalf Trailer (Netherlands)
First registration: March 2022
Mileage: ~ 1.000 km
New price: 2.474,50 €