The 2024 Finn World Masters is being hosted by the Centro Velico Punta Ala at the PuntAla Camp & Resort, in Tuscany, Italy. Racing takes place of the Gulf of Follonica with more than 300 Finns from 30 nations. The event takes place from 7-14 June with eight races scheduled from 10-14 June. !!WARNING!!
As usual there are numerous fake Facebook accounts and live feeds, which a lot of Finn sailors have already been signing up to. The only official pages for the event are those below. Please do not click any other links or pages, or sign up for any live coverage, even if the group says it is about Finn sailing. You WILL be spammed. EVENT WEBSITE RESULTS AND NOTICE BOARD!/


Follow the events each day on the water as they unfold through our social media pages: Instagram stories – all day every day: Announcements and occasional live content on the Finn class Facebook page: Facebook Live from the race course through the day on the Finn Masters page Catch up with the summary of events of the day through these links: Instagram and Facebook posts, photo galleries and reels Youtube highlights: Off the water interviews on Facebook: Flickr gallery of images: High-res photos can be obtained from: Sailors and supporters are encouraged to share content and other material on the Finn class Facebook groups
and Follow the sailors with the following tags: #finn #finnmasters #finnworldmasters #sailing #worldsailingofficial PRESS RELEASES
Receive a daily press release with all the news, links, results here: CENTRO VELICO PUNTA ALA
The host club, Centro Velico Punta Ala, has also set up an event page here for additional content: And has the following social media channels sharing content:

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